Qualities that make a good website.

Some examples of good websites are:
Shutterfly It is easy to find what you're looking for because of the range of categories. Once the person has an idea of what he is needing, then he can narrow it down by hovering over the category and a dropbox will appear. Also, the pages loads relatively fast (not as fast as others, but not slow).
Netflix The search makes it easy to find the movie/show the viewer is looking for as well as the algorithm used to find shows the viewer might like. Also, the colors used for the website are legible and go well together.
Colorado Christian University The colors go well together. Also, the creator on CCU's website colored the different sections in order to learn more about the school, making it easier and faster to go where the person wishes to go to.
Carnival The colors (red, white, and blue) go well together and the pictures are a nice feature because they are links that take the visitor to different parts of the website. The page loads quickly, which is good because otherwise people will get annoyed and go to a different web site. Also, it is relatively easy to use because the destination, location of departure, dates, and duration are all on the home page so the visitor does not have to struggle searching the website.

Poor Design